A shift in thinking was needed.  Gone are the days of glorified excess.  Where's the wisdom in driving a Hummer - the smoke stack on wheels?  Do we really need to live in a house (think mansion) with 13 bathrooms?  Is bottled water an outright scam?


Thank goodness we're all starting to see the proverbial (LED) light.  Our excess was killing us - our bank accounts, our personal energy, our 'free' time, our natural resources, our planet, us.


Electric cars are back.  Yea!  (If you haven't seen Who Killed the Electric Car, it's definitely an eye-opener.)  Wind farms are being built, farmer's markets are flourishing, and buying local is an expression that most people understand.


A shift in thinking was needed.  People are searching for new ways to do almost everything.  No need to print every document - digital files are fine.  Natural cleaning products keep chemicals out of our homes.  Disposable is almost a dirty word.


And, of course, there's the reusable bag.  There's been quite a bit of controversy about this simple little item.  There were quite a few stories in the media about the dangers of using 'bacteria laden' reusable bags.  Hmmm.  Sounds as though the plastic lobby is grasping at straws.  I don't know about you, but I can't remember the last time I put a leaking package of chicken breast in amongst my strawberries.  And, if I did find my reusable bag a bit worse for wear, thank goodness someone invented the washing machine way back when.


The benefits of using a reusable bag are many - less trash; less resources used in the manufacture, transportation, and storage of the BILLIONS of disposable plastic bags used annually in the U.S. alone; less pollution emitted from the manufacture and transportation of those BILLIONS of disposable plastic bags; less dead marine life, etc.


I think, honestly, that it all comes down to the bigger picture.  What do we want our world to look like years from now?  Do we want to put in motion practices that lead to healthy individuals and a healthy planet?  Or is money, ego, and self-interest over what's best for all, going to continue to lead us?  It's up to us - you and me.  I've chosen.  Have you?